BYC Qualified Fencers 2019

Well done to all the fencers who have qualified for this year’s BYC finals!
You can find a copy of the email send to all the qualified fencers from Peter James, Chairman WMRF HERE.

Below is a list of all the qualified fencers. To compete, you will need to pay the £15 per weapon to the region using the paypal ‘Pay Now’ button.

Please select the number of weapons qualified from the dropdown box, enter the First and Last Names plus British Fencing Number in their respective boxes, then click the Pay Now button.

Number of Weapons
First and Last Name
British Fencing Number


First Name Last Name
William Allardice
William Chesser
Tarryn Collier
Luke Crowley
Alexander Cupper
Sophie Digges La Touche
Harry Evans
Rhiannon Finn
Joel Flanagan
Zach Flanagan
Jessica Forse
Danni Hartland
Grace Hough
Jade Hudson
Jude Huffer
Alex James
Aneeka Jethwa
Ilo Jousseaume
Joseph Kington
Alexander Laight
Matthew McLaughlan
Suzie Mishima
Jake Morris
Oliver Nash
Sophie Peake
Sofia Perez
Anne Raechel Philip
Henna Raiyat
Francesco Roncaroli
Dominic Sampson
Verity Sampson
Sophie Schindler
Adam Sooklall
Henry Spiers
Sam Sung
Raluca Tataru
Remi Tavernier
Natalia Toms
Tom Tong
Elsa Tsia
David Vonci
Seth Vondrak
India Wilson
lucy Wrench
Kia Wright
Fern Yan


First Name Last Name
George Ascough
Finn Bowdler
James Caldwell
Eleanor Cecil
Jodie Clifton
Ben Colliver
Emily Curzon
Molly Curzon
Thomas Ehlers
Willam Fallows
Henry Fisher
Jessica Forse
Will Gem
Jem Green
Aeryn Hindle
James Hinwood
Grace Hough
Wilfred Houston-Brown
Jude Huffer
Alex James
Connor Johnstone
Jeanna Junady
Joseph Kington
Christy Ma
Louis Macneil
Tom Mayne
Honor Milner
Florin Mirica
Tatiana Morikova
Anne Mynors
Daniella Ogunleye
Zachary Owen
Moya Ralph-Jagger
Almaz Razif
Henry Richards
Francesco Roncaroli
Tommaso Roncaroli
Sophie Ruane
Kirsten Rysdale
Priya Sheldon
Lauren Singleton
Rohan Tandon
Elsa Tsia
Louix Tziortzis-Foskett
Artem Veprev
India Wilson
Jack Woolfenden
Anastacia Wright


First Name Last Name
William Allardice
Elliott Baxter
Louis Bedford
Raphael Bedford
Georgina Clarke
George Clifton
Ewan Craig
Liam Croft
Benjamin Croucher
Tom Davies
Charlie Dickson
Oliver Dickson
Olympios Gougoulias
Ryuki Hiyama
Henry Ireland
Emily Jenkins
Joseph Kington
Tom MacGregor
Robert Martin
Anuj Mathur
Tatiana Morikova
George Mynors
Ryan Olsson
Henry Pick
Arjun Rabidas
Hannah Shakespeare
Elizabeth Shilvock
Rufus Thornhill
Ethan Van Slyke
Archie Watt
Matthew Westerman
Jingfei Zhu