Epee BYC Qualifier Entry


Poules, piste allocations, DEs, tableaux and results

Dear Fencers and Parents,

You are invited to take part in this season’s West Midlands Youth Championships (BYC qualifiers) in 2022. If you are under 18 and you live or fence in the West Midlands, you can come and fence with some of the best youth fencers in the region in foil, epee and sabre. Those finishing in the top 8 in 16 in each category will have a guaranteed opportunity to represent the West Midlands region at the National Finals of the British Youth Championship (BYC) on 30th April-2nd May 2022 at the EIS Sheffield . Further fencers may also be eligible to fence at the nationals, depending on the number of entries. So for your chance to fence at the nationals and to have a great day of fencing, enter the regional qualifiers!

Entries via Sport:80

Date: Epee: Sunday 30th January 2022

Venue: Epee: Packwood Haugh School, Ruyton XI Towns, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 1HX

Check-in closing times:
09:00 – U10 Boys and Girls, U12 & U14 Boys
09:30 – U12 & U14 Girls
11:30 – U16 & U18 Boys and Girls

The under 10 competition is NOT a BYC qualifier and as such does not qualify the fencer to a BYE or to represent the West Midlands in the final next year (2022 or 2023).

Age group categories:
U10: Born in 2012, 2013, 2014 Size ‘0’ blades
N.B Under 10 Entry fee and the entry age is only this 3 year window.
U12: Born in 2010, 2011 Size ‘2’ blades
U14: Born in 2008, 2009 Size ‘2’ blades
U16: Born in 2006, 2007 Size ‘5’ blades
U18: Born in 2004, 2005 Size ‘5’ blades
(Fencers may only enter for the born year date groups above only.)

Entry fee: £25.00 (Late entry £35 at organiser discretion)
Entries close 28th January 2022.
N.B Under 10 Entry fee only £15.00 (late entry +£10) and the entry age is only this 3 year window.

The entry fee does not include all fees and levies payable to British Fencing. Fencers who qualify to represent the West Midlands at the National Finals will have to pay £15.00 towards the levy that British Fencing charge, the West Midlands Committee will make up the rest.. All those who are claiming a ‘bye’ to the finals (because they reached the last 8 of last year’s national finals) need to see the separate note.

Please note: In previous years the West Midlands Committee has subsidised all levies charged by British Fencing for entry to the finals for qualified fencers (the only region to do this). This year British Fencing has increased the fees to £45 for the qualified fencers. The committee took the decision to increase the subsidy to £30.00. Fencers will need to pay £15 if they qualify for the finals.

Byes:  Fencers who are unable to attend their RQE due to exceptional circumstances or due to international selection are able to complete the RQE bye request form here

2019 Top 8 Byes- Due to the 2-year absence of the BYCS due to COVID-19, the decision has been made not to award any top 8 finisher of the 2019 BYCs an automatic place into the 2022 finals. All finalists are required to qualify through an RQE. Fencers who received a top 8 place at the 2019 event who cannot attend their RQE can still apply for a Bye under exceptional circumstances.

Fencers who have been granted a bye can be found here

Closing date for entries: 28/01/2022 at 00:00 (Epee)
Entries received after the closing date may be accepted at the organiser’s discretion, at £35 per person for all age groups except U10s at £25.

Competition format: One round of poules, everyone promoted to Direct Elimination.

Referee Course
As part of the event, we will also be running a level 2 referee course. Further details can be found here.

British Fencing Event Licence: #38002

Requirements: BFA ‘Compete’ level membership (will be checked online) will be required. It is recommended that fencers join the BFA online.  All fencing clothing and equipment must comply with BFA regulations (see guidelines).

Fencers must wear full kit including breeches and long socks.

Anyone who can help referee will be greatly appreciated. Please let us know when you check-in.