Regional Senior Championships and GB Cup Qualifier

West Midlands Senior Regional Championships 2022
and GB Cup Qualifier

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The Senior Championships is the same as previous years and includes the GB Cup* as part of the event. ALL seniors can take part, whether they are eligible for the GB Cup or not. This is first and foremost a Seniors Event!
The GB Cup

This is British Fencing’s annual national tournament for intermediate regional fencers, fashioned on the BYC model. There will be no fee for the qualifiers from 2022, as this will be met by the West Midlands Region Fencing.  Finals date and venue to be confirmed by British Fencing.

Sport:80Entries with Sport:80

Date: Saturday 12th March 2022

Weapons/Gender: Men’s & Ladies Foil, Men’s & Ladies Epee, Men’s & Ladies Sabre.

Venue:  Much Wenlock Leisure Centre, Farley Road, Much Wenlock TF13 6NB (map)

Entry fee: £25 per person for one weapon.

Closing date for entries: Wednesday 9th March 2022 at 23:59
Entries received after the closing date may be accepted, please contact the organisers for confirmation. Late entries will be charged an additional £10 per person.

Check-in Times (revised):
Men’s Epee – 11.00
Women’s Epee – 11.15
Men’s Sabre – 11.25
Men’s and Women’s Foil – 13.30 (start will be before 14.00)
NB: If pistes are free and all fencers are present, the foil may start earlier than scheduled.

Competition regulations: The competition is open to fencers over 13 years old as of the day of the event. Who live, fence, study, work or were born in the West Midlands. Compete level BFA membership will be required. All fencing clothing and equipment must comply with BFA regulations.

*GB Cup Qualifying Rules

This year 2 fencers who satisfy the following criteria:
• Be aged 16 or over on 1 January 2022.
• Be ranked outside of the top 50 of National Senior rankings in their weapon for Women’s Foil, Epee, Sabre and Men’s Sabre and top 80 for Men’s Foil and Epee as at 1 January 2022.
• Have never represented their Nation at any level (including GB, home nations or other national equivalents).
• Have never won a Senior Open event
• Fencers may only enter the Regional event in the Region they have specified on their British Fencing Membership.
• Fencers may only fence in one qualifying event per season.
• Fencers may only enter the GB Cup in one weapon.
• Fencers must be UK residents.
• Entries will only be accepted via the Regions.

British Fencing full GB Cup details.