Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup Finalists 2022
2022 Finalists

Presidents Cup – Mixed Team Fencing Competition
(West Midlands Region Closed Event)

Saturday 16th December 2023

Hall 3, University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness,
Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham B15 2TU

Format: Team of 3 – 1 Foilist, 1 Epeeist, 1 Sabreur, with a mix of male & female fencers. Ideally, all fencers should be from the same school/club although some discretion will be accorded to clubs with limited female fencers or sabreurs. Please encourage intermediate (as well as above) fencers to enter. There is a Costa on site with their normal range of food and drink.

Entry Fee – £48 per team

Check-in – Closes 11.30am

Closing Date for entries – 13th December 2023

All fencers must be ‘Compete’ members of British Fencing. Membership will not be available on the day. All fencers must be 13 or over on 16th December 2023.

Competition will be fenced on conductive pistes. Relay format will be fenced throughout the competition. Some electric kit may be available on loan. Please check in advance of event. For safety reasons, British Fencing regulations regarding clothing and equipment will be strictly adhered to.

This event is registered with BFA for insurance purposes. The organisers do not accept responsibility for any accident, loss or damage sustained during the event.

Access: There is a free car park opposite the main entrance to the Sport &
Fitness venue, or parking is available on the internal perimeter road.

Event Entries
Download the Presidents Cup Application Form 2023 or complete and pay using the online form below…

President’s Cup Team Application Form

    Team Members

    This event is registered with British Fencing for insurance purposes, event number 39097. Submitting this entry form means you understand and accept that the organisers do not accept responsibility for any accident, loss or damage sustained during the event and that you also accept our Privacy Policy.



    Gold. BFC 4
    F – Vinton Cheng
    E – Imme Jensen-Toft
    S – Jordan Daniels

    Silver. Wrekin A
    F – Sam Bruton
    E – Mark Wood
    S – Jasmine Yap

    Bronze. BFC 1
    F – Charis Hawkley
    E – Freddy Richmond
    S – Andy Webb


    1st. Uni of Bham I1
    Foil. Imogen Sutherland, Epee James White, Sabre Joe Berry

    2nd. BFC1
    Velota Sung, Imme Jansen-Toft, Jordan Daniel’s

    3rd. BFC3
    Svetlana Lanskaya, Tim Burgum, Freddie Richmond

    4th UofB2
    Emily Allman, Jacob de Jongh, Boldizsar Melegh

    5th. BFC2
    Claudia Fogl, Rio Sanders, Tom Goodman

    6th Stourbridge1
    Raechel Philip, Samuel Godbehere, Joss Squire

    7th. Wrekin2
    Sam Bruton, Lottie Moir, Sam Toney

    8th. Sutton Coldfield
    Kings Pawlowlel, Thomas Zosuchi

    9th. Wrekin2
    Sophie Li, Nick Partridge, Andrew Holding

    10th. Stourbridge2
    Craig Ravenscroft, Janet Baron, Ross Timmins


    1st Uni of B’ham 1
    F: Zoe Herrick E: Jacob De Jongh S: Somerset Dromgoole

    2nd Coventry Uni
    F: Claudia Fogl E: Tim Devenport S: Tom Graham

    3rd Wrekin 1
    F: Ilo Joussearne E: Mark Wood S: Louise Keeling