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Becoming a Fencing Referee

Fencing Referees

The first step on the fencing refereeing ladder begins within the relaxed atmosphere of your club. Here you can safely test out your refereeing skills supported by the British Fencing Rules and your club mates.

From there it is a simple matter of attending an accredited Fencing Referee Course Level 1 & 2 to gain your first qualification and be entered onto the British Fencing Referee Register. 

Learn more about the qualifications here.

Fencing Referee Courses run by West Midlands Region Fencing

Weapon Level Date Location  
Epee Level 2 17 November 2024 Solihull Book
Foil Level 2 25 February 2024 Solihull Info
Sabre Level 2 18 February 2024 Stratford-on-Avon Info

NB: You do not need level 1 referee for these courses, but you should have a good knowledge and experience at the weapon you intend to referee.
Course Fees £20.