Senior Winton Cup

Each year, the regions of the UK put forward teams for each weapon to fence for the Winton Cup. This has been a long tradition in honour of Nicholas Winton. The event will usually take place in July.

The West Midlands Region Committee shall select teams of 4 fencers for each weapon, to represent the region at this 2 day event.

The current selection method is as follows:

In order of ranking for Top 75 of Men’s Foil and Epee, and Top 40 for Men’s Sabre, and Women’s weapons. If full teams can not be made from these,  Committee Discretion proposed by “Weapon Champions” will select the remaining athletes.

Any athlete currently living, studying, or training within the region is eligible for selection. As well as any athlete that has lived or fenced in the region for more than 3 years, that has since relocated.


Senior Winton West Midlands Team 2022
West Midlands Senior Winton Team 2022

As usual the event is a 6 weapon ‘team-event’ where the overall scores of ALL the weapon teams are combined to reach the grand total. All matches are fenced as a best of 9 fights (not-relay). The target being 28 fights (or more) to win an ‘overall’ match against another Region.