Competition Cancellations:

    • Wenlock Olympian Games and Wenlock U-10 competitions are cancelled
    • Shropshire Closed is provisionally postponed until the autumn
    • Shropshire Open (12th/13th September) is still going ahead, but the county will review the situation. Entries will not be taken at present and an announcement will be made in due course.

Shropshire County Fencing Union apologises for the inconvenience and thanks the fencing community for its understanding. We look forward to seeing you at these events when normality returns.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

The following is guidance from British Fencing

Please be advised that in the current outbreak of Coronavirus all relevant advice, guidance and updates can be found on our website here; https://www.britishfencing.com/covid-19-advice-guidance/
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Specific questions have been asked around the sharing and use of equipment such as masks, gloves and jackets. The cleaning and maintenance of all equipment should be common practice in clubs. We recommend that all clubs ensure that this is taking place in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions .
Most gloves can be washed in a washing machine and masks should be regularly wiped down, inside and out, either using cleaning wipes or using a clean cloth and a surface cleanser. Please check on the labelling that the cleanser/wipes are effective against both bacteria and viruses. Anyone now fencing on a regular basis who has not already done so may wish to consider purchasing their own fencing glove.
BF has temporarily suspended the requirement for fencers to shake hands at the end of the competitive bouts. It is recommended that clubs take similar action and simply retain the salute to mark the end of a bout or lesson.
It is also recommended that clubs ensure that there are appropriate hand washing facilities available for members, and encourage handwashing at the beginning and end of each session.
If you have new members expected or members returning from abroad please ensure that they are aware of the current guidelines around travelling and self-isolation; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus. You may wish to ask them to complete a short questionnaire to confirm they have not been to any category 1. country in the last 14 days or any recent exposure (see example here)

If you have any specific questions or issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch with British Fencing.

Welcome to the West Midlands Region Fencing website.

This website is here to help fencers, clubs, officials, organisers and anyone associated with fencing.


The West Midlands Region BFA is run by volunteers whose knowledge, gained over many years, of fencing they wish to pass on to others.

Our aim is to assist all those involved in fencing in the West Midlands to both promote the sport and assist clubs in their goals.

Fencing Clubs

West Midlands Fencing Clubs

Below is a list with contact details for the fencing clubs in the West Midlands.

Hereford & Worcester

County Chair Hannah Chenneour 07507 636685
County Website
Bromsgrove School Mrs A Bowen-Jones 01527 579679
Droitwich F.C. Glyn Thomas 07969 759403
Evesham Fencing Club Nick Chapman 07980 757502
Herefordshire Fencing Club Daniel Robinson 07837 215135
Kidderminster Fencing Club Nick Chapman 07980 757502
Malvern Fencing Club John Haynes 01684 540594
Redditch Fencing Club Sam Stockley 07977 927 637
RGSAO Dr P Ehlers 01905 27061
Stourbridge F.C. Peter Baron 01384 400242
Stourport F.C. Nick Chapman 01527 518220
Winterfold House Prep. School Bill Imerson-Price 01562  777234
Worcester F.C. (Meets at Malvern) Malcolm Fare 01684 311197


Stone F.C. stonefencingclub@yahoo.co.uk
Wedgewood F.C. 01952 812007
Wolverhampton F.C.


County Chairman Ismay Cowen 07780 607824
County Website
Much Wenlock F.C. Ismay Cowen 01952 740429
Shrewsbury F.C. David Hiam 01743 243033
Wrekin Sword Club Ken Holding 01952 812007


Birmingham F.C. Joan Whitehouse 0121 443 3136
Birmingham Uni F.C. Mike Whitehouse 0121 443 3136
Cocks Moors Woods FC Richard Burn 07967 267663
Coventry F.C. Paul Claridge 01203 717083
Coventry University F.C. Bernadett Rome 07906 607692
Kenilworth Sword F.C. Helen Cormack 01926 859881
Redditch Fencing Club Sam Stockley 07977 927 637
Rugby Sword Club Ken Marriot Sports/C
Salle Ursa Fencing Club Bernadett Rome 07906 607692
Shakespeare’s Swords David Kirby 07970 642967
Stratford F.C. Mike Garrity 01384 841028
Solihull F.C. Mark Thomas 07798 728543
Sutton Coldfield F.C. Gavin Rudge Email the Club
Warwick School F.C. M Colliver 01926 776400
Warwick Uni F.C. Jimmy Wang Email the Club

Fencing Organisations

These are the main organisations in the UK for Fencing.

British Fencing (BFA)
British Fencing (BFA) – The Fencing National Governing Body. Information for fencers and coaches. Events, Courses, Competitions, Results, Rankings, etc…

British Academy of Fencing (BAF)
British Academy of Fencing (BAF) – Run by Coaches for Coaches.

Elite Epee Series
Junior and Senior events.

England Fencing (EF)
England Fencing administer the coaches and clubs.

Epee.me Forum
Individual results from LPJS, Elite Epee, BYC, EYC and other UK fencing competitions (2005 – 2016).

Federation Internationale D’Escrime (FIE)
The FIE is the organization which governs fencing throughout the world.It is based in the Olympic capital Lausanne and currently counts 134 member federations.

Fencing Forum
The Forum is an interactive community where new fencers and old fencers can share information and experiences. Bringing you all the fencing news from around the world. Get information on fencing equipment, armoury, news, becoming a fencer, coaching and more. The forum with over 9 000 members and sometimes 100 people browsing and discussing at once it really is the place to be.

Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS)
The Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) is the best way to start fencing competitively. Aimed specifically for young fencers who want to compete in a fun, safe environment. There are over 30 competitions nationwide and athletes’ ages range from 7 to 17.

Warwickshire Fencing Union
Warwickshire Fencing Union is run by coaches, fencers and like minded people to assist fencing clubs in the Warwickshire district with training, grant applications and rule changes.

West Midlands Fencing
Visit the News pages for details of forthcoming training days, regional and local competitions, West Midlands results and other news.