England Fencing


    1. Definitions
      1. The region
        The region shall be known as West Midlands Region of England Fencing. All references to ‘Region’ in this constitution shall be taken to imply
        West Midlands Region of England Fencing
      2. Laws
        All laws, bye-laws, regulations and policies of the Region shall comply with the laws, bye-laws, regulations and policies of England Fencing Ltd (EF) or British Fencing Ltd (BF), according to their responsibilities as agreed by these organisations.
      3. Geographical Purview
        The geographical purview of the Region shall be as defined within the England Fencing Regions Articles and include the following County Unions,

        1. Hereford and Worcester
        2. Shropshire
        3. Warwickshire
        4. Staffordshire (should the latter be formed)
    2. Objectives
      1. The objectives of the Region shall be to:
        1. Promote and develop fencing within the region
        2. Organise Regional competitions at Senior, Novice and Age Group levels, and any other Competitions as the Region may decide.
        3. Encourage and support best practice procedures in Child, Vulnerable Adults Protection and Equity are implemented within the region and followed at all times.
        4. Organise Training Courses for the benefit of fencers, volunteers and the fencing workforce within the Region e.g. Personal Performance, Coaching, Armoury or
        5. Ensure proper use of funds, and to keep full accounts, and to submit accounts for the previous financial year to the England Fencing Secretariat not later than 1st June following the end of the financial year.
        6. Keep full administrative records including Minutes of all Committee and General Meetings and making them available to the England Fencing Secretariat on request.
        7. Liaise with England and British Fencing Regions, in regard to Winton Cup, Cadet Winton Cup and other issues as required.
        8. Liaise with the County Unions within the region to provide help and assistance where requested or required.
        9. Develop and keep up to date a West Midlands Regional web site providing information on Regional activities for all interested parties.
        10. Undertake such duties as the England Fencing Board of directors or the British Fencing Board of directors may, from time to time, request.
        11. Liaise with the Regional Sports Councils and other similar bodies for the betterment of the Sport within the region.
    3. Membership
      1. Membership of the Region
        Membership of the Region shall be open to clubs and schools within its geographical boundaries who are paid-up affiliated clubs of England Fencing and to individual members of England Fencing resident in the area, or other members of England Fencing or of other home countries who for historical or other reasons nominate this region as their preferred region for any Inter-regional or other regional-based event. Clubs who by virtue of geography or history are eligible to affiliate to the region or to a neighbouring region should indicate in writing to the WM Secretary their wish to affiliate or disaffiliate from the Region. Acceptance of affiliation in such circumstances is at the discretion of the WM Executive Committee and subject to approval from England Fencing after consultation with other regions affected. The rights of membership (including voting rights) do not apply until 28 days after such affiliation is formally accepted.
    4. The Committee
      1. Constitution of the committee
        The committee shall comprise the following Executive Officers:

        1. Chairman
        2. Vice Chairman
        3. Secretary
        4. Treasurer
          and the following officers
        5. Team Captain
        6. Junior Team Captain
        7. Child Protection Officer (this is a position appointed jointly by the Region and England / British Fencing)
        8. Equity Officer
          In addition there shall be a representative from each County Union, and BIFTOC (Birmingham International Tournament Organising Committee). There shall also be up to a further four elected members. All members of the Committee must be paid-up members of British Fencing Association Ltd.
      2. Combination of offices
        The Committee shall have the power to combine any offices if circumstances dictate. In the event of roles being amalgamated then each person shall be entitled to one vote only. It shall have the power to co-opt any individuals, including professionals, onto the committee and may fill any vacancy that may arise between annual general meetings.
      3. President and Vice Presidents
        The Committee shall have the power to appoint an Honorary President or Honorary Vice-Presidents, as an expression of its appreciation for outstanding services to the Region. They may be fencers or non-fencers. Such appointments may be on an annual basis, or for life, at the discretion of the Committee. Such appointees shall have no routine duties however one of their numbers may temporarily chair and EGM or AGM for the purposes of an election if the post of Chairman is contested. They may attend regional committee meetings but may not vote and their presence does not constitute part of the quorum.
      4. Quorum of Committee
        No meeting of the committee shall be deemed convened unless a quorum of at least 40% of the Committee is present, including at least two executive officers. Each member of the Committee shall be entitled to exercise one vote on any matter. Any proposal shall be decided on a simple majority vote. In the event of equality in voting the Chairman shall have an additional Casting vote. An agenda for the Committee meeting shall be circulated to all Committee members by the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. Decisions made by an in-quorate meeting will not take effect until ratified by the next scheduled meeting.
    5. Annual General meetings
      1. Timing of meetings
        An Annual General Meeting of the Region shall be convened in January. Twenty eight days written notice of such a meeting shall be given to all affiliated clubs in the West Midlands Region by the secretary and such notice shall also be posted on the Regional website. With this notice, an agenda for this meeting and a preliminary version of the annual accounts will be circulated. The committee shall be entitled to alter the month in which the Annual General Meeting is held as circumstances may from time to time dictate but this shall be held no later than 1st June following the end of the financial year.
      2. Election of Officers
        1. All officers and members of the Committee will be subject to re-election on an Annual basis, such an election to be held at the Annual General Meeting. Presidents and Vice-Presidents appointed in accordance with Article 5.2 will be exempt from re-election annually.
        2. The maximum term of office for the chair of the Region shall be five consecutive years. Should however the application of this rule and the unavailability for re-election of any other executive officer result in all three executive posts being filled by new electees, then at least one of the executive officers standing down under the five year rule may be elected for a further single year of office.
      3. The Treasurer
        The Treasurer shall prepare written accounts detailing the financial transactions of the Region for the financial year ending prior to the AGM. The Region’s financial year shall run from the 1st October to 30th September. These accounts shall be independently verified by a person of appropriate standing, qualification and experience nominated by the committee who is not also member of the committee. This verification process may be carried out either before or after the Annual General Meeting concerned. The agenda for the AGM will contain an item inviting voting members to comment on and to approve or refuse these accounts. In the event that voting members refuse to approve the accounts the chair in conjunction with the members shall word a resolution acceptable to the voting members detailing the actions required by the Treasurer to rectify the situation. Once approved, copies of the accounts of the region shall be submitted to the Treasurer of England Fencing Ltd.
      4. The Secretary
        The Secretary shall, on written application by a quorum of the Committee, or of any 10 members of the Region eligible to vote at an AGM, or any five affiliated clubs within the Region call an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to discuss and vote upon any proposal. Such an application shall include a summary of the business to be discussed at the meeting. Upon receipt of such an application the Secretary will circulate a Notice of Meeting, to affiliated clubs in the region and will post such a notice on the Regional website together with an agenda no less than twenty eight days before such a meeting which shall be held within 2 calendar months of receipt by the Secretary of such an application. No business other than that specified in the Agenda will be entertained at any Extra-ordinary General Meeting.
      5. Quorum for AGMs and EGMs
        For an AGM or an EGM to be quorate the minimum attendance shall be:

        1. At least one executive officer plus an officer
        2. representatives of at least two County Unions
        3. at least 3 other eligible voting members of the region
          In the event that a properly notified meeting does not produce a quorum the Chair shall cause a new meeting to convene within 90 days with the same notice requirements as the original meeting. If the second meeting is also inquorate the Chair (or in their absence the any other elected officer) shall notify the executive group of England Fencing Ltd who shall have the authority to make such provision for the administration of the region as they deem necessary.
      6. Virtual attendance at meetings
        If a member of the committee requests it and the technology can be put in place without expense to the committee so that a conference call can take place a member can be deemed to be present without being physically present. Where confidential matters are to be discussed it will be the decision of the Chairman whether this is an appropriate method of communication in the circumstances. A similar arrangement can be requested for AGM’s and EGM’s
      7. Eligibility to vote
        Paid-up Members of England fencing who are over 18 and who either live within the boundaries outlined in 1.2, and have not exercised an option to be affiliated to another region, or who live outside the region and have exercised the option of being affiliated to this region are eligible to attend and to vote at AGMs or EGMs.A single duly appointed representative of each affiliated club and each County Union is entitled to vote both as an eligible voting member and as a voting representative. A notice of a General Meeting sent to all paid-up affiliated clubs and posting on the web site shall be deemed a sufficient notice to such club members.
      8. Formal notifications
        Within 28 days following the AGM the Secretary shall notify England Fencing Ltd of the names and contact details of the elected officers of the Region.
    6. Powers of the Committee
      1. Sub Committees
        The Region shall have the power to set up on a permanent or ad-hoc basis any Sub-Committee or Working Party that it is felt essential or necessary to the good running of the Region. The constitution of such a Sub-committee or Working Party shall be at the Committee’s discretion and may include co-opted members.
      2. Bank Accounts
        The Region shall hold bank accounts which shall be administered by the Treasurer. Payments from these accounts shall be sanctioned by two signatures from among the following:

        1. Treasurer
        2. Chairman
        3. Secretary
        4. One other member of the Committee
      3. Teams
        Representative teams and individuals for matches and competitions shall be selected by the Regional Team Captains.
      4. Colours
        The Committee shall have the power to award Regional Colours to persons for representative individual or team matches and competitions upon the recommendation of the Regional Team Captains.
      5. Assets
        All property, financial and other assets of the Region shall be vested in the Committee who shall acquire, dispose of and have custody of them at all times in the best interests of the Region’s fencers and clubs.
      6. County Fencing Unions
        1. The Region shall have power to create any County Fencing Unions or Steering committees to administer fencing in counties which exist within its boundaries. Such organisations can be instigated by the Committee, or by a group of clubs or individuals within the Region. Any such organisation shall consist of a minimum of two paid up affiliated clubs.
        2. The power to create a County Fencing Union shall only be considered at a General meeting of the Region, following a formal notice and agenda for the Meeting. A draft copy of the proposed Constitution of the County Union shall be circulated to all affiliated clubs within the Region and be posted on the Regional website by the Secretary at least Twenty Eight days before the proposed date of the General Meeting.
        3. The creation of a County Fencing Union shall require approval by a majority of at least 2/3 of the voting delegates present. The Secretary will notify the England Fencing secretariat of the creation of a County Fencing Union, enclosing a copy of its constitution, list of officers and contact details.
    7. Constitution
      1. Changes
        No alteration or addition shall be made to this Constitution except at an Annual or Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Region. Such alterations and/or additions will require approval by a majority of at least Two-thirds of the voting delegates present. Any proposed alterations and/or additions shall be circulated in full, in writing together with the appropriate notice of Meeting, by the Secretary in accordance with Article 5.4.
    8. Dissolution
      1. A proposal to dissolve the Region shall only be considered in a General Meeting. Approval of such a proposal shall require a majority of at least Two-thirds of the voting delegates present. The Region will also be deemed to have been wound up if no Annual General Meeting is held in accordance with Article 5.1 for two years in succession.
      2. In the event of the Region being dissolved, its affairs will be administered by England Fencing who will implement any measures permanent or temporary, which are considered necessary to continue fencing activities within the Regions’ area at the time. All Assets, Records and documents of the Region will be handed over to England Fencing for safe custody. In the event of England Fencing disposing of any of the Region’s assets, any surplus money which is realised from this disposal shall be distributed equally to all existing paid up affiliated clubs in the Region.

12 November 2013