Winton Cup 2023

The Winton Challenge Trophy
The Winton Challenge Trophy

West Midlands Region won this year’s Senior Winton. Making it the 6th time since the competition’s start in 1950, with the last two wins being 2011 and 1985.

The win ended up being decided by the last two rounds, as we required 11 victories against Yorkshire and 13 wins against Eastern across the men’s sabre, women’s foil and men’s epee. It was exciting entering the last round as the men’s sabre knew Eastern would be their toughest challenge, which proceeded to be their only round loss of the weekend 4-5, but it was enough, as the women’s foil and men’s epee dominated their respective Eastern teams to secure the victory.

Overall, Women’s Foil and Women’s Epee won their respective categories, dropping no rounds all weekend. Men’s Sabre and Men’s Epee both lost a single round. Men’s Foil and Women’s Sabre similarly dropped only 2-3 rounds.

The mixture of hot high humidity and stormy intervals did not stop the great energy during the Winton this year, with all the 10 present regions fencing in the main hall together.

Standing either side of Josh holding the trophy are guests Carol Winton (Bobby Winton’s daughter) and Nick Winton (Nicky Winton’s son). Bobby and Nicky were brothers and when Bobby wanted to set up a competition, Nicky helped and The Winton Cup has been running since 1950.

The Winning Team:

      • Men’s Foil – Josh Burn (c)(tc), Dan Elliker, Joe Kerr, Ben Webb
      • Women’s Foil – Kat Solodkiha (c), Henna Raiyat, Serena Patel, Verity Sampson
      • Men’s Epee – Ed Scott Payne (c), Jem Green, Sam Godbehere, Remi Tavernier
      • Women’s Epee – Danny Lawson (c), Alex Powell, Louise Sadler, Megan Upton
      • Men’s Sabre – Barney Halliwell (c), Caspian Watt, Louis Bedford, Liam Croft
      • Women’s Sabre – Vivien Frith (c), Chloe Pahnke, Charis Hawkley, Cherrie Li

(c) = Captain, (tc) = Team Captain